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Qin F21 Pro T-Mobile United States Version


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QIN F21 Pro Phone 64GB (USA Version)

QIN F21 Pro Phone 32GB (Global Version)

QIN F21 Pro Phone 64GB (Global Version)

QIN 3 Ultra Phone (Global Version)

Philips E6810 Phone (Global Version)


Due to this device being configured to work in the United States, there are two things that shouldn't be done with this device. First, your security PIN code should not be longer than 4 digits. Second, DO NOT factory reset. So far devices that have factory reset or have longer PIN codes become unusable. We are investigating the cause of this and hope to have a solution. However In the meantime, we ask you that you don't do those things. If you do, we cannot accept the device as a return.

These are custom versions of The F21 Pro that we have reconfigured individually for T-Mobile compatibility in the United States. We only sell the premium 64GB version. 

Introducing the Xiaomi Qin F21 Pro. We are very excited to offer this phone as a new solution. This phone has a non-addicting interface compared to standard smartphones, but still offers all the smart apps that some consider essential like Whatsapp, Spotify, and Maps. The Qin F21 Pro also features great tools like a camera, flashlight and touch screen along with a physical keypad.

We added this phone for those that feel they need to get off their traditional smartphone and want to try a non-smartphone, but due to life circumstances can't break away from having access to some essential smartphone apps. So please note that this phone still has access to the full Google Play store making it not a feature phone but a smartphone. 

COMPATIBLE CARRIERS - T-Mobile and MVNO T-Mobile providers such as Mint Mobile and US Mobile only.

INCLUDED -  Case, Screen Protector , and a USB-C charging cable.  To purchase a higher quality screen protector set or case please see our accessories page.

SPECS - Operating System: Android 11, Storage: 4+64GB, Battery: 2130mAh, Screen Size: 2.8 In, SIM Card: Single card, CPU: Quad Core.